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Gain plenty of valuable information on locks and keys by reading this FAQ page from top to bottom. All the answers to commonly asked locksmith questions are informative, useful and highly interesting as well. The information you will gather here will help you to take the best possible action in a variety of circumstances.

We Know How to Take Care of Key and Lock Problems Properly

If you want to take a closer look at everyday lock and key problems, check out the answers we give to frequently asked questions. There are always questions when it comes to such serious matters related to security and with our answers, we can help you have peace of mind.

  • My lock looks old, how do I know if it needs servicing?

    If your lock shows any signs of weakening with rust, stiff turning, loosening or instability it should really be looked at by an expert. It may just need a good maintenance check or lubrication. In many cases if it is left to continue degrading, it will become a more attractive target for criminals.

  • Can I better secure my doors and windows with UPVC locks?

    Most normal windows and doors don’t offer enough security without installing extra components such as burglar bars, latches or bolts. That is why it is better to have windows and doors installed that are from the UPVC variety which uses multiple mechanisms to offer you superior safety measures. Ensuring that they are installed correctly will also give you the best security that they can offer, so have a professional locksmith do it for you and avoid DIY.

  • I have a hard time turning the key. What's wrong?

    If the key is already inserted in the lock but it doesn't turn, there's a problem with the cylinder or the lock's pins. Lock repair is required. The key might not turn or easily inserted, when there's need for lubrication and lock cleaning.

  • Is it wise to have one key for all locks?

    It's certainly convenient to have one key opening all door locks but our specialists also remind you of the risks. If you lose that key, you'll have to rekey all the locks. If one lock gets damaged, you'll start having more than one key.

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